Our People

Russell Read

Joined in 1986

Did you know that The Phantom of the Opera opened in the West End all the way back in 1986? Well, you do now. Around the same time as Michael Crawford first wowed audiences in Her Majesty’s Theatre in the title role of the above mentioned musical, Russell got wind of an upcoming vacancy at his older brother’s Northfleet-based employer. The rest, as they say, is Causeway Steel history.

After working for two and a half years at Causeway Steel on machines, Russell departed the company for a brief spell.

Since returning to Five Ash Works in 1990, Russell has turned his hand to all manner of tasks… all except welding, that is.

Russell’s versatility across the shop floor, stores, and factory, in fact, is matched only by his willingness to undertake a challenge. Suffice it to say, Russell relishes a bespoke job in work time as much as he enjoys going on days out and listening to local bands in his spare time.

Just don’t get this member of the Causeway Gold Watch Gang started on that Gerard Butler movie adaptation. We think.