Refractory Anchors

A range of steel formed fasteners to support and retain a full range of refractory types. Manufactured in a choice of materials and sizes to suit operational atmospheres and temperatures to be encountered during service life.

We have divided the supply of refractory anchors into 6 main groups:

Wire Anchors – Anchors manufactured in material diameters up to 10mm Ø

Plate and Sheet Anchors – Anchors manufactured from flat materials from 2-10mm thickness.

Rod Anchors – Anchors manufactured in material diameters in excess of 10mm.

Brick Hangers and Ties – Brick Hangers to support ceramic anchor bricks. Brick ties for the retention of insulating/medium weight bricks.

Plates and Studs – Typically for the use of suspending Hexmetal to provide a dual layer lining consisting of an insulator back up and erosion resistant hot face.

Miscellaneous – Special designs to suit client requirements.