Refractory Inspection Services

Causeway Inspection Division provides an exclusive service to the Petrochemical Industry, with an experienced engineering team available to manage and implement QA/QC of the installation of refractory lining systems, insulating, ceramic/brickwork and fibre linings, either on site or in fabrication shops.

Control of project or maintenance performance can be achieved through our initial assessment of works procedures and method statements, review of drawings, analysis or recommendation of lining design, followed by first phase testing of lining materials, installation equipment and contractor personnel qualification.

During new equipment lining or regular lining maintenance this process is continued by assessment of (maintenance) linings condition and partial or continuous monitoring of all stages of works with a thorough series of progressive checks developed over the past twenty years to suit all designs and circumstance of situation.

Upon completion Causeway Inspection Division provide a written review / report so that a complete detailed record of status is maintained for reference, with future requirements thoroughly addressed.

The provision of this service thus allows the client the option of thorough ‘know how’ by either incorporating Causeway personnel into an existing QA/QC structure of using Causeway management experience to import the system wholesale.

Capital Project Inspection
Project Planning
Project Qualification
Final Inspection

Turnaround Maintenance Inspection
On-Site Inspection
Final Inspection

Laboratory Testing Facilities
Independent Testing and Research Facility
The Causeway Laboratory is fully equipped to undertake Refractory Testing in accordance with A.S.T.M specifications.