About Causeway Steel

CAUSEWAY STEEL PRODUCTS is a UK based company which was founded in 1954 to design, manufacture and supply brick/refactory anchorage systems and specialist support grids, decking, platforming and stairing, principally for local industry along the river Thames estuary and for the larger Steel Industry. Development of the product range to accommodate the first phase rapid rise in UK petroleum refining and chemicals production (Exxon, British Petroleum, Shell) was swift and by 1962 the Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Industries had become the principle consumer of CAUSEWAY manufactured goods.

During this period CAUSEWAY was fortunately invited to cooperate in the experimentation with and perfecting of ‘new’ anchoring and armouring systems for the advancing F.C.C.U. designs, where process and catalyst evolution’s were demanding ever more sophisticated lining integrity. Consequently, much practical experience was gained and many problems studied and usually solved. This foundation, mixing manufacturing and site service, side-by-side with the end user, has successfully served to support CAUSEWAY’s growth through the years, still shapes the company structure and is the focus of our philosophy.

Many of CAUSEWAY’s innovative products were patented and today form the basis of Standard Anchor Systems through out the refining world for the retention and support of monolithic insulating, corrosion and abrasion resistant refractories, pre-cast tiles and ceramic fibre systems.

The company developed the products Hexmetal (Hexmesh), and subsequently Flexmetal (Flexmesh), as a method of retaining and armouring the thin wall dense castable refratories used to combat erosion by particulate in high velocity gas streams within process plant.

By listening to and working together with all the major refiners, petrochemical and other process plant operators, CAUSEWAY today manufacturers a range of both Refractory Anchors and Armours, which meet all the specification of the Refiners, plant operators and Process Licensors. Further, CAUSEWAY has facilities to undertake comprehensive engineering, detailing and development of these systems and full Fabrication for immediate fitting of Armours (Custom Built).

The range of anchors and armours is fully integrated and includes the Sheet Armours, Hexmetal and Flexmetal, the Independent Armour Systems of ‘S’ Anchors, Curl Anchors and  Hexcells. A full range of lining ancillaries (Adjustable Corner Tabs, Edge Tabs etc.) for the easy connection of armour systems and protection of the mother steel work when plant geometry dictates directional changes in gas flow and refractory termination devices.

Today, CAUSEWAY is probably the world’s foremost company dedicated to the production of Refractory Armour Systems producing some 35,000 m2 / per annum of armours and millions of anchors each year in different designs to meet the demands of refiners and plant operators world wide.

Support Grids for process equipment, requiring manufacture in stainless steel and or alloy steels are provided from our UK facility where both design and manufacture take place. Grids are designed and manufactured in the range of sections 20mm x 2mm to 100mm x 10mm are of the construction type “Mechanically locked and welded” and supplied in material types 304, 310, 316, 321, Inconels, Incoloys, Monels and a wide range of low alloy materials.

Our grid systems are used on Offshore Platform Flare Decks in anti radiation shielding mode, Reactor Catalyst support grids in both refineries and chemical, petrochemical plants and as general purpose grating for walkways within food, chemical or pharmaceutical process plant where stainless steels are used to prevent contamination or corrosion.

CAUSEWAY also operate two groups that specialise in the installation of the company’s (and others) products and as consultants and quality control technicians / inspectors for all aspects of refractory lining within refineries and chemical plants.

The Construction Group (Installation Division) provides unique levels of experience because of its dedication to the installation of all refratory, anchor / armour systems in accordance with all refinery / licensee specifications and within international vessel construction codes. The Division provides these services to main contractors and refiners, fabricators and refractory installation companies. This service work is provided on a global basis, completing both new installations and refinery maintenance shutdowns (principally F.C.C.U’s) throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia. A Company C.V. is available upon request.

The Inspection Group (Inspection Division) offers the prime facility of specialist and dedicated refractory systems QA / QC services (including an A.S.T.M. Refractories Testing Laboratory), plus attendant supervisory support, consultation and design. The Division is typically engaged by refining / petrochemical plant management and main contractors as specialists to work on their behalf in the control of design, procurement and construction of refractory linings. Quality systems are installed in accordance with client requirement. The QA / QC Systems control material selection, refractory manufacture, lining installation and thermal dry-out. The group undertakes detailed Refractory Lining Inspection for plant maintenance, using the unique experience gained in working on many different processes and sites throughout the world. The Inspectors assess the (various) refractory systems condition, propose repair method and extent, client historical record of refractory works, used to predict future maintenance requirements, which assists the scheduling of plant shutdowns and prediction of work scope. Full plant maintenance reports (works completed and future recommendations / predictions) are issued to the client. A Company Inspection C.V. is available upon request.